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Myths about Freelancing

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    May 14

    Working as a freelancer is very exciting. If done right, you can earn good money, work only when you want to, and all the time in the world for important things like family. This flexibility and freedom makes it as close to perfect as any job can be. Freelancing also has its disadvantages namely the irregularity of jobs, the stress of finding your own clients, and so on. Despite these drawbacks, the advantages of working as a freelancer far outweigh its demerits. Therefore, you would do well to pay no heed to the many myths that serve to discourage aspiring freelancers. Here are some of them:

    Freelancing cannot be a full-time job   

    This is simply not true. There are a lot of people that freelance full-time and still make ridiculously good amounts of money. As far as you are willing to put in the work, you can earn as much as you want to. Granted, starting out can be challenging as you are yet to establish yourself and get a list of regular clients, but once you get through this stage, the benefits are limitless.

    Fortunately, there are several sites today that offer lots of gigs to freelancers. So, if you have a passion for writing, you no longer have to worry about looking for clients to get a freelance writing job online. This is very important for freelancers, especially at the beginning of their careers, because they get to make money even before making that leap from amateur to established professional. For writers, is a wonderful resource in this regard. The site boasts a constant flow of orders from reputable clients available to its freelancers, making it a wonderful place for beginners to start their freelancing careers. For more information on the site, visit

    Freelancing is for lazy people who cannot cope with the responsibilities of a regular job 

    Again, this is false. Freelancers are among the hardest working people out there. In freelancing, how much you earn is dependent, entirely, on how much effort you put in. To put it another way, the more orders you execute, the more money you make. As such, the only way to reap the wonderful financial rewards freelancing offers is to work your behind off getting as much clients and jobs as possible.

    You need to have formal training in a particular field to get freelance jobs in that area

    Or in the case of freelance writing jobs online; you need to be an English or Journalism major. This is also untrue. The only thing your clients care about is your ability to effectively and efficiently execute their orders. If you can deliver that, your degree is irrelevant.

    Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. What makes a job the “perfect job,” is the ability of these merits to render the demerits insignificant. Freelancing, with its alluring promise of flexibility, freedom, and financial independence presents a mouthwatering proposition, irrespective of the few false myths hovering around it.