Flotation Equipment can remove kaolin quartz

  • Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral that is a clay and clay rock dominated by kaolinite clays. It is named after the Kaolin Village in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. Pure kaolin is white and delicate, soft earth, with good plasticity and fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Its mineral composition is mainly composed of kaolinite, halloysite, hydromica, illite, montmorillonite and quartz, feldspar and other minerals. Kaolin is widely used, mainly for paper, ceramic industry is the first application of kaolin, a larger amount of the industry. The general dosage of 20% to 30% of the formula. The role of kaolin in the ceramic is the introduction of Al2O3, is conducive to the formation of mullite, to improve its chemical stability and sintering strength, calcined kaolin decomposition generated mullite, forming the main framework of the strength of the body to prevent the products Deformation, broadening the firing temperature, but also make the body has a certain degree of whiteness. Flotation can remove kaolin quartz, iron, titanium and other impurities, Flotation Equipment are the following:

    First, the separation of quartz and other gangue minerals. Using goldenmachine Flotation Equipment, with dodecylamine, triethanolamine, pyridine as a collector of kaolin, with lignin sulfonate inhibition of silicate minerals such as quartz, also can inhibit iron minerals, pH control in 3.0 ~ 3.1 , Pulp mass fraction of about 10%. The disadvantage of this method is the foam sticky, not easy to control, should seek more effective dispersant.

    Second, clear the kaolin in iron, titanium mineral impurities. Anti-flotation method was used, ammonium sulfate was used to inhibit kaolin, and fatty acid collector was used to collect iron (Fe2O3) and titanium (TiO2) impurities. If iron, titanium impurities fine particle size, you can use the carrier reverse flotation method. Carriers can use calcite powder (CaCO3, -320 mesh), carrying fine iron particles, titanium impurities floating. The floating foam product is discarded and the product in the tank is kaolin concentrate. Carrier can be reused 8 to 9 times. When appropriate, separate the foam from the carrier and reuse it. If not necessary, sometimes it is discarded without separation. When the flotation pH value of 9.0, collectors in addition to fatty acids, but also the use of petroleum sulfonates.

    Third, remove pyrite impurities. Sometimes the iron impurities in kaolin are in the form of pyrite, in which case sodium pyrophosphate is used as the dispersant and the pyrite is floated off with the xanthate.