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  • J.J. Watt talked into wearing very tight shirt (not hard) In today's NBA arena experience, it's cool to be a conformist. I'm not certain when it became en vogue for Cheap Jerseys 18,000 fans to wear the same shirt for playoff games -- it feels vaguely like a mid-aughts invention. By now, it's a wholly expected visual. If I feel disconnected from it all, please understand I root for the New York Knickerbockers, a team with an aversion to relevance since the turn of the millennium. Anyway, if you want to be part of the scene in today's NBA, wear the same T-shirt as everybody else. This is especially true for people in the 100 sections and courtside seats. Texans star J.J. Watt attended Game 1 of the Rockets-Thunder series on Sunday and was probably under the impression that his celebrity precluded him from the dress code preferred by the commoners. And now your latest evidence that the JumboTron, now 40 years into its existence, remains a deadly effective shaming tool. By the way, everyone wins here. The Rockets get Watt in their team gear, the fans of Houston get to have some fun with one of their favorite sons, and Watt -- you know he obviously just loves this. The "You want me to fit into that?" expression is just classic from the guy who once clicked send on this. Watt's clearly disappointed when the shirt fits him better customize jerseys than the one he wore to the arena. Never change, Justin.、 Andrew Luck has toiled through pain for the past two seasons. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback revealed as much during a meet-and-greet with reporters on Monday, acknowledging that his January shoulder operation originated from an early season injury he suffered back in 2015. "It originally occurred a couple years ago against (Tennessee)," Luck said of a Week 3 win over the Titans two autumns ago. "We sort of sat down after that year and felt like rehab (last offseason) cheap jerseys shop was the way to go, and I think that was (the) absolute correct decision, we did some awesome things. This year happened obviously and (it) transpired through this year, and (we) sat down after this year and decided that maybe it was time to do surgery on (the shoulder)." Speaking during the team's first day of voluntary offseason workouts, Luck said the recent procedure on his throwing shoulder was "absolutely my decision" after he and the team "went out and got a lot of really good opinions from a lot of really good doctors around the country." Said Luck: "I have no regrets about going to get surgery. Obviously there was always the uncertainty, like anything, but I fully trust when the doctors say I'm 100 percent, that I'll be 100 percent no questions asked." It's clear Luck was never fully healthy last season, saddled all Wholesale Jerseys year with the compromised shoulder and a subsequent thumb injury. The star passer even hinted at lingering shoulder issues this past July. "Personally, I know I wasn't playing well, whether I was injured or not," Luck told The Indianapolis Star during training camp. "I have some thoughts, but I don't want to share them. I wasn't doing a good job and it's no one else's fault but mine." We now know what his concerns amounted to, leaving a post-surgery Luck no sure bet to be ready for training camp this summer. The hope is that Indy's most important player will finally -- after two seasons -- be fully operational by Week 1. "I am in Day 1 of the offseason official program, and I am where the (personal trainers), doctors and trainers say I am," Luck said. "That's honestly the approach I've taken. Timeline-wise ... I just need to be this by this date, I'm not gonna worry about it. I have full trust in the guys helping me out. When we feel like I'm ready, then I'll be ready."