Get Off The Social Media Hamster Wheel

  • Translated for social media, this is finding ways to represent value. How Learn HTML5 And CSS3 And Make Your Own Website  can you add to the conversation, offer something that will either make them feel good or be useful? The more often you can tweet or share something relevant and useful to someone the more likely they are to recognize your value. But be patient. This could take awhile.

    Having fun is attractive. Poodles are known for their playful and clownish nature as well as their intelligence. What Pilot has figured out is that when he wants to play with someone he needs to demonstrate how much fun that would be. He starts with the doggie bow - butt up in the air, paws forward, head arched. The intended playmate can't help but giggle and play begins. Sometimes when this doesn't work he starts doing tricks on his own. He knows that these behaviors bring him treats and must be thinking that it is a behavior we humans value. So he does tricks on his own. In social media if you are having VidSkippy fun, enjoying what you are doing this is attractive to others. Being playful at times makes good business sense since we all can use a smile and a laugh now and again. So sharing an unexpected funny video or comic strip can get you some attention and give them a moment of play they will appreciate. If you have a 'trick' you can perform, by all means make a video and share it with us.