Issue While Uninstalling The AVG Antivirus

  • On a fine day you find that you are no more able to access internet on your computer. You can try to get online by first uninstalling the avg and then again trying. In order to uninstall AVG you need to download the Avg removal tool but make sure that you don’t get it from another computer otherwise there are chances that it will ask for update. You must go to the official website of the avg and then download the avg remover tool from the link present there. Further you have to run the downloaded tool and then you must follow the instructions displayed there on the screen. If you have difficulty in finding the avg remover tool or in the process of downloading it then you must always take help our team by calling in AVG technical support number who can do that within seconds.

    If you run the avg removal tool successfully, then your computer will be restarted automatically. Once it gets restarted then that means that the avg remover have completed the uninstallation process. If you have any difficulty in understanding any of step mentioned in avg remover tool, then it would be wise to take the help of our team by dialing our number. They will guide you through the process and you can successfully uninstall it from your device. You can also uninstall AVG by using the windows panel.

    Unfortunately, if all the steps are followed accurately while uninstalling the avg through windows panel but it is found that an error code 0xC007064C appears then that means the process was not completed successfully. This error might have occurred as you need to update the remover tool in the latest version. After updating the remover tool, you will have to run it properly. This will solve your problem. If not, then contact in AVG technical support number. Here, our technicians are present who will assist you in the process. They help you not only this process, but they also help you in all other issues that arises in the process of the usage of AVG.