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  • Been that good and  NBA 2K18 MT their first two games have been that convincing With or without his absence this is almost certainly how the series against the Cavaliers would have goneCan the Cavaliers actually make historyA couple Lakers teams have done before that is sweeping the first three playoff series back when the first round was only five games


     long Here's the list shown during the game before the Cavaliers finalized a start But Cleveland could be the first ever to sweep three series leading into the finals with all three being sevengame ones It somehow seems crazy that no team has done this before and also unfathomable that a squad in the playoffs could not lose a game before the finals


    Where does the fault lie How much is it an indictment on the Eastern Conference and how much is a testament to just how incredible the Cavaliers have been Regardless understand that the Cavaliers right now no matter the petition are doing something we may not see again for a long timePlay of the nightDROP THE HAMMERA fun thingThey


     don't want you to high five JR SmithFinal scoreCavaliers Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Raptors Fear the Sword recap Raptors HQ recap SB Nation recap Can OKC or Toronto prevent an NBA Finals rematchBe sure to subscribe to SB Nation's YouTube channel for highlight videos features analysis and mor Chesapeake Energy Arena was no funeral Minutes after Golden State


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