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  • Cleveland struggled  poe currency with Love in the first two games only to pummel Golden State thoroughly without him it's hard not to wonder how his absence or return impacts the remainder of this seriesLove is a very good player but he's been a tough fit for Cleveland in this series His lack of lateral mobility makes him a liability against the Warriors'


    freeflowing offense and hands a team like Golden State constant opportunities to force mismatches in the pickandroll On the offensive end Love struggled to score in the post and the Warriors' decision to challenge LeBron to beat them took away some of the Cavs' key plays Without anyone regularly doubleteaming LeBron or Kyrie Irving Love


     couldn't get the open looks he was accustomed to and because Golden State is so strong in the post he couldn't bully his way to post chances eitherIn Game without Love on the floor the Cavaliers were able to go smaller and faster Starting center Tristan Thompson repeatedly helped free up chances for Irving via the pickandroll and finished with


    a doubledouble LeBron finally got it going after a cool start cheap poe currency en route to points and JR Smith scored Jefferson even played well with nine points and eight rebounds in minutes continuing to blow the minds of people who had forgotten Richard Jefferson still plays in the NBAIt all begs the questions of how much Love's absence impacted the Cavaliers'



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