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  • Finished in the top NBA 2K18 MT half of John Hollinger's rankings since The benefit for Washington is clear The Wizards are getting a coach with NBA Finals experience a proven track record of success and glowing reviews from the players he coached during his first job as a head coach The only question that remains is whether Brooks can be successful


     without phenoms like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook running his playOf course the Rockets beat the Warriors in Game All they've done is exasperate us all season so of course they would make us suffer through watching one more game of their awful teamThose would be impossible things to say a year ago when the feisty Rockets


    surged back to beat Los Angeles and make the Western Conference Finals That Houston team was weird but it was a good kind of weird back when Stephen Curry versus James Harden was a legitimate MVP debate Now the Rockets are just sad They lost soundly to Golden State without Curry in Game and blew a doubledigit lead on Thursday


    before Harden's gamewinning jumper bailed them NBA 2K18 MT Coins out Playoff teams are supposed to be dangerous They should cause more panic facing a team missing their best player and soontobe MVP Instead the Rockets bench barely reacted when Harden nailed the goahead shotLook at that LOOK AT THAT That's the faces of players who want this season



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