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  • As he shot This poe currency  would've given Aldridge a career percent free throw shooter who went for from the line Monday night two foul shots with his team trailing by one Oklahoma City had no timeouts and would've had to go the full length of the court in seconds trailing by one Five violations might actually be a pleasant understatement There were


    several violations we identified after the game that the NBA did not addressThere's also the matter of Waiters jumping while throwing the ball The NBA rulebook clearly states that the inbounder may not leave the playing surface to gain advantage on a throwin However the rulebook never specifies what is meant by playing surface Both occurrences


     of that phrase are in the section on throwins and neither states what is defined by playing surface It's also not explained in the NBA's case bookIn today's twominute report the league explained that jumping was permissible under NBA interpretations of the throwin rule The report clarified that leaving the playing surface referred to stepping into


    the stands and that jumping was acceptable So it's now poe currency buy officially legal for NBA players to jump on inbounds passes Good to know Maybe next time include relevant interpretations of rules somewhere in your rulebook andor casebookThe report did not ment on a fan grabbing Steven Adams during the playThe NBA began issuing an official report



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