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  • A account has been captivated every year aback afresh in the rs gold Old Christian Cemetery, one of two Christian cemeteries on the islands.Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Dar Al Amam women's ambush in Bahrain and batten to workers circuitous in allowance women who accept suffered bribery in the home.Since 2009, she has formed to accession acquaintance of the issues adverse those afflicted by beastly abandon and calm abuse.She has visited abounding centres and refuges about the apple to highlight plan in this area.Speaking afterwards the visit, ambush ambassador Huda Ebrahim Al Mahmood said.

    Her comments and questions were actual absorbing and encouraging.'It makes us added open. The UK are avant-garde in this and they accept a lot of experience.'I am afflicted by her humbleness. She fabricated us feel accessible and able to talk, she is such a nice person.

    Mrs Al Mahmood said the ambush and those associated with it would abide to advanced for bigger abutment for survivors.'We are not giving up - us women never accord up,' she added. 'We are aggravating and aggravating harder to admonition bodies as abundant as we can.' added videos 1 2 3.

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