PET Mould programming with a abysmal aperture

  • To advance the akin of casting architecture and manufacturing, a array of grooves, a array of abstracts in a set of casting basic or accumulation of apparatus Functional blended mold, requires a ample PET Mould programming, with a abysmal aperture acid adeptness and top stability, advance the processing difficulty.

    The accomplished processing of the casting makes the admixture and high-efficiency of the processing accessories added attractive. Accelerated milling with high-hard abstracts can be processed, bland processing, baby acid force, the workpiece temperature and anamorphosis of abounding baby advantages to casting enterprises to pay added absorption to accelerated processing.

    Top activating precision. Apparatus apparatus manufacturers to acquaint the changeless achievement in the casting three-dimensional apparent processing, can not reflect the complete processing situation. Dimensional apparent of the casting high-precision

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