Everyone so that you can this opportunity but you are all diffi

  • "No, not aunt ... ... which a dollar, is my very own save, really my aunt ..."
    "If you are doing, in the event you apologize to us, it's still a good boy, on the internet pursue it, or I will tell your mother, permit her to take care of you. Small children lying, although not work.
    Liu language is silent. And then raised his head, is a real stubborn face "No, aunt. I tend not to apologize, I did not get some things wrong.
    Founder on the mother no gas, pulled Liu language to get her mother theory. Liu my mother heard this thing is usually very surprised, asked Liu language the location where the money is, regardless how to ask, Liu language is not a word to mention. Just say that cash is your own. She is not wrong. As Liu language life and death usually do not apologize, Liu mother lost many not only Fangcheng mother sent away ...
    After this matter. We are not prepared to play with Liu language, of course, who is ready to go with a thief, liar get involved in it. In their happy have fun with the game, Liu language silently standing aside, little partners who would not like the usual warm about the past, so she searched a while, quietly left. After a few times, Liu language is not to that.

    Everyone so as to this opportunity, but they are all not easy to fight, night and day to do, many work overtime, but additionally to a person exception, see your face is Xiao Zhao Ping day the best rival Xiaoqiang strong. Xiaoqiang always want to do something we don't understand things, all of us thought he had not been working, so Xiao Zhao heart but happy flowers, thought: "It appears that this time providing the effort to dry, this group I was set ! "

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