this lady has been dependent on this excellent boy

  • They talked a great deal, Yang Su are going to be their own words all told the Qin Qing, Qin Qing patiently listening, every so often to ease him. Yang Su heart comfortable some.
    "So whether it's, night night myself!" Qin Qing said.
    "Well, like that." Yang Su sweetly replied.
    "Oh!" Qin Qing and Yang Su whine farewell to your farewell to.
    "Worship ... ..." Yang Su has never finished, Qin Qing hung up the device. Yang Su mouth raised a smile. He had bed, seeking to recall Qin Qing. Yep! Is a secondary school student! Oh! Yang Su remembered, inside the lower left corner with the primary school photo, you will discover Qin Qing ... ... Yang Su and innocently laughed, actually, he was not sure, a "worship Oh!" Has long been to his atrium, he The heart also had Qin Qing.
    See Qin Qing here.
    Put down the product, she whole individuals are hot, because through the junior high school graduation, she's been in love with this excellent boy, his heart has long had Yang Su.
    They need to pass a try every night, each conversation, they are both very happy.
    Once, chatting chatting, Yang Su actually told Qin Qing "I like you". Qin Qing no psychological preparation, both happy and extremely nervous, they are both sluggish .
    Yang Su checked out the Castle Peak, his heart itch, are not able to wait to instantly back to Nanjing, immediately see Qin Qing!

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