the main Komatsu father could be the son with the head Boss

  • In this way, Zhang grandmother and small light to get the material, link the revolving door. Zhang grandmother from the village with the lanterns, small and inside school participated inside flight model interest group, this ancestry and grandchildren do die just like a decent way. Just soon, the entranceway of the little partner Komatsu located find a small bright play, met after learning to complement.

    The revolving lantern is often a traditional handicraft, along with the candle is inside, and as the air gets warm, it might push the top a wheel, along with the pony is towards the four pony about the card, and so the pony arises. Look from the outside on the lantern, much like the four horses you chase me a similar. Roulette, pony must glue glue, small light and Komatsu, of course, is often a child, are rushing to squeeze glue, the outcomes accidentally, Komatsu glue to have their own eyes, and immediately burst into tears.

    Big Liu heard, and quickly visit water to Komatsu red eyes. Fortunately, as a result of timely processing, Komatsu's eyes very well. Big Liu the culprit the small bright: "You view you, why so careless?" Little bright because of the wronged, while crying said: "It is his personal careless." Zhang grandmother also said quietly: "This thing is just not Strange light. "

    This is often a saying, Komatsu feel wronged, and crying. Big Liu see quietly about the grandmother said: "Komatsu's father is our township mayor, accusation in court a child bickering, are not able to affect our relationship -" Zhang grandma sighed, the initial Komatsu father will be the son on the head Boss, she found the revolving lantern and involved: "Well, okay, usually do not cry, I present you with both a barner.

    After a bit, two identical revolving lights were tied. Zhang grandmother gave a Komatsu one: "You acquire, you'll be able to hang beyond your balcony, slightly candle, the pony ran up." Komatsu this happy up, wipe the head of tears, holding a lantern gone. Zhang grandmother and go ahead and take lanterns to your little friend bright, small but twisted little face, said: "Do not! Well, who allow you to wronged me!"

    Zhang grandmother not a way, needed to comfort the tiny light: "Grandma gave which you 'plug over horse' story." Once upon a time, there is an old man lost a horse, all of us said he was unlucky.On old man said, After a few days, the horse delivered, and brought a pony!

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