He was lying about the window to find out a woman

  • Through the narrow gap in the wardrobe, Shen Feng to determine the woman squat body, in the garage under the table via a rummage, but nothing found. Woman said: "no words, no invoices ... ... the location of thieves? Loss you would like to come out, I work from the place to find come back, at most half an hour, your family did not have any strange, how is the thief into Do you find this excuse is just too big clumsy? Do not nonsense, now to say what I haven't told you, you quickly return to do it!

    Woman just hang up the phone the phone, the device rang again. Woman allow it to ring, self-care to clean his face, constitute the makeup, and after that open the doorway to go. Shen Feng finally relieved, he was lying for the window to discover a woman out from the corridor, this quickly out on the house, hit the vehicle straight Po Po Lai.

    To the entrance at the entrance, he suddenly thought, in the event the blessing from the blessing from the video, the law will catch him, they can not leave this evidence.

    So he experienced the roadside supermarket to acquire a big mask to put on, and after that stopped a passing girl, acquired the invoice, said: "I am sorry, may help me a favor? I gave a girlfriend custom wedding band, Want to present her with a surprise, but she's in this shop to function, you may help me out on the diamond ring?

    The girl checked out him alertly and said, "It sounds pretty romantic, but why will you wear a mask in a very hot day?"

    "Allergy, this holiday season pollen allergy." Shen Feng deliberately cough twice, "Do you worry, the thing is me as being a bad guy?"

    The girl believed him and took the wedding band for him. Shen Feng is grateful to her after being able to slip away, suddenly a taxi cab parked at the doorway of Po Foley, a female got out with the car, it really is Zhang's wife!

    Is this woman finally took over Zhang's phone, feel that Zhang, so come here to prevent the jewelry store to pay for? But now the ring continues to be taken away, the girl with destined to be disappointed, after which continue to divorce her husband. The thought of divorce, Shen Feng's heart a problem. If not 12 yrs . old when his parents divorced, he can not because with the lack of family warm and away from your home, and ultimately go astray. If this woman really divorced with Zhang, their daughter how you can do?

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