Recently the grandson was invited to sign up in the internation

  • "Ha ha ha, Paul me very well? Chen Lin, you fuck excessive can not afford to determine yourself, you count old? But Li Li's a puppy!

    And then a sound of fighting, Hao Feng attempted to say what looks like it's covered his mouth, are only able to issue a "whining" sound. Far, "the police came!", "Bang" the glass fragmentation sound, heavy objects landing sound, screams ... ...

    The tape stopped. Guo Wei looked blankly at Chen Lin: "You only know that they is a dealer, but forget which he is a musician.He has been seeking to write past the past music works, so he 1 day included his or her own voice, Can find inspiration. "Chen Lin silent for some time while, hanging his eyes:" Since you may have learned, why ask.

    "Why do captains would you like to do that?"

    "Why tend not to you know?" Chen Lin sighed, "I use a prominent fiancee, if those photos were provided for my future Yue Zhang.Recently the grandson was invited to participate in in the international model competition, and hubby designed the X-wing flight model also won the look creative award. It was this award that they was concerned with the news media, then when Pharaoh was running for his school, he was awarded the title on the headmaster with the city. This year, town focused on one out of a unique shift, particularly for those who have special talents to open up the green channel. Pharaoh jumped the second, his grandson just adopted a city headmaster's phone, personally informed him from the admission of what is the news.

    Pharaoh long boo breath, grandson finally on their own favorite give attention to secondary school. However, looking forward to Pharaoh you will discover public security departments of criticism and education.

    "Wang plan" finally lost the fight his plans and calculations. Now he often hangs within the mouth is: "children and grandchildren own children Sun Fu, allow them go his or her way to go!"

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