Small sisters together for the horses to function noodle eating

  • A few years ago, is found in the happy city of "good to snack shop" industry is so jealous, each lunch, loaded with empty seats aren't, then a guests were required to stand you can eat. Some people analysis, snack shop business for three reasons: anyone to the town is found in the fork within the fork, south towards the north on the traffic flow, the motive force should come here to enjoy; second for the store you can find large stoves of firewood, , With the boss Guo Ping's cooking skills are fantastic, north and south dishes will get started; three young boss from the ice mouth from the United States, open play dirty joke, some drivers long beyond your sports car, begin to see the boss for these stunts, where also Running! In particular, she went on the door with a way, customs million forms of guests to call the "good again ah ... ..." are not aware of how many male diners captured.

    Guo Ping is usually a thin body, some hunchback middle-aged, individuals are calling him hunchback. Although the humps hate his wife yet others flirting, playing with order to business, he were required to open one eye close one eye. He needs to drink, whenever the discretion, he can fry a fried green onion, a person within the kitchen about the wine slowly goods. Boss never eat broth, she was dirty, unpleasant, she likes to consume beef soup, camel husky fork is going to be for her casserole simmer a pot of soup. Morning days tend not to shine, he went towards the vegetable target buy the finest beef with beef, returning to wash, sliced, squeeze seasoning, thrown in the casserole, simmer it 4 or 5 hours. To noon, to ensure Tang Xiang meat rotten, the entrance that may be. Because the boss is usually a northerner, like to nibble on pasta, camel to personally roll some noodles, noodles cooked, and poured a spoonful of beef soup, which is the boss's favorite. In her own words, on this bowl, for the gods tend not to do.

    Camel the whole 11 years than the proprietress, looks wretched, but to marry a lucky wife, the diners are jealous, envious, familiar often booing, ask that this camel cheated boss. The camel laughed and said, "It can be a kidnapping!"

    Although this reveals somewhat proud on the words, but the word what are true. Five years ago, both of them were doing work in Beijing, one with the grocery store and one with the factory. Originally, the 2 men have no intersection, until this time, inside ice to function late in the night, and small sisters together on the horses to figure noodle eating noodles. At that point, inside the ice is quite thin, although handsome, however the surface with the dishes, looks pitiful. When she was ordering, stood in front with the counter hesitated for years, eyes checking out the plate of beef looked and looked, but she took each of the pockets out in the times, the cash is not enough, last but not least had a bowl of smooth.

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