Tan Biao created to thank the daddy and duck voice

  • Gongs and drums tune in to sound, talk listen. Tan Biao know adequately, Song Dawei tasks are simple and rude, but quick, more popular with the boss. To keep him, the long term must be a lot more the same live: supply him with wiping ass. Weigh the pros and cons, Tan Biao made-up his mind: must expel him!

    Song on the "crime", that may also be listed 10, every one can make him leave. Nobody, the primary did not finish, the telephone rang.

    "Hello, I am Tan Biao."

    "Tan team, we shall try not to present you with trouble, lame don't tell, but in addition want to request you to put Song teeth a horse.

    Is you duck throat. Who can believe the public duck throat are going to be sent to Song Dawei! To are aware that he is fashionable small traders - this morning, Tan Biao's mother for the morning industry to buy food, suffered pickpockets were robbed, seemed to be heavily down to your ground, induced cardiovascular disease. Several vendors see injustice, swarmed, an organization surrounded by a knife pickpocket, friends to send Tan Biao mother went towards the hospital. Among them, you'll find male duck throat. Learned that the caretaker was due for the timely delivery of to protect the security, Tan Biao created to thank the daddy and duck voice, might be left and left the voice with the duck, turned away: "In the long run, provided that you get your hands, making sure that we can eat stomach, I can afford to head to school, even though I thanks.

    "Why? You and his relatives?" Tan Biao asked.

    There is not any reply to a man duck voice, turned the niche: "urban management and traders in the knot, you are able to unlock it?

    To tell the truth, it is a big problem involving people's livelihood, quite typical and very difficult, no less than difficult to resolve prior to a eyes. So hard to mention that this "cat catch mouse" game continues, really long time to win the actual end result. However, the detection of a great number of bug, but additionally passed the false "intelligence", why vendors failed to fooled, easily escaped the "Wai Jian"? How does people duck voice realize that I have to take care of Song Dawei? Thinking about thinking, Tan Biao could hardly help knowing smile, eyes and appeared from the Song with the two bright metal dentures!

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