This is a fine Eggs in nomoypet Reptile Breeding Box

  • In the previous paragraph I mentioned that the Maori king lizard produced a total of 22 incredible eggs, but after two weeks of incubation, see some yellowing eggs have moldy signs, experience tells me that this is a fine Eggs, but since this is the lizard in the incubation king, my first time, I do not want to miss any one life, so self-deception continue to hatch two days, really insipid, complete deterioration of the egg, which I find the past, the reason Decisive throw it.

    While throwing the first egg at the same time, we found another two yellow eggs have Reptile Uvb Lamp  nomoypet signs of mildew, this time I will not arbitrarily cherish it, the chemical weapons are decisive, give up without thinking.

    In the early stages of incubation, I almost can not wait to observe the development of the eggs every day, but always worse than people, and then there are three non-refined eggs gradually spoiled.

    This is undoubtedly a blow to me, but I did not regret it, because I know, there are 16 eggs, is God really doomed to my failure? No, when I throw God out of my head, I keep comforting myself. "As long as an egg can hatch, I break through myself. People can not make the most of life, the best in the world, but they can do their best ".

    So there are six non-refined eggs have surfaced, so I bear with ...

    Has spoiled six waste eggs, leaving 16 precious eggs, although I can not confirm the full fertilization, but I have a breakthrough discovery, that is, in the incubation period of 3 weeks, even with the light of the lamp in most of the eggs Bloodshot, another week, bloodshot in 16 eggs are clearly visible, that night I really sleepless nights. This undoubtedly gave me an invisible comfort.

    I recovered a long absence, full of confidence, because although I have confidence before, but not extreme, and now I can be said to have patronized the goddess of fortune, relaxed and happy live a full life of hatch in the day, this pleasure is not to say And metaphorical.

    After more than two months, I still live in joy, these days even if there are many disappointments and ups and downs of life, but think of so many fertilized eggs can not help but secretly secretly happy. I do not know how many nights, I dreamed of breaking the surprise that the egg shell scene, the dream is holding the king is the shell, dreamed of breeding their own little king lizard by nomoypet Reptile Breeding Box.


    Yes, I am more than anyone else is fascinated by the dream that many years can not climb, so close, ecstatic may not be enough to describe this, I think the simple word "selfless" enough.

    However, (I know the word "but" is the last thing you want to see or read, but I have to interpret the full text.) One day after more than two months, I have always observed Eggs development, open the lid, I almost heartbroken.

    An egg had not been broken due to the temperature being too high before the date of husking. I moved the broken egg and found that there was actually a little king who developed and formed, so I thought it would be impossible to hatch since it had ruptured. Quickly put the egg into a plate.

    The little king lizards wandering with a weak body, as if in the struggle with the death to the post, no, this may not be a little king lizard peristalsis, but my heart is approaching collapse, almost to stop. During that time, I really do not want to sleep at night.

    But the brain told me that I can not be an absolutely pessimistic person and can not be over-determined or stagnant. What I need to do is to get out of my predicament as soon as possible and find out the cause as soon as possible. Only in this way can I avoid any further losses and obtain my thoughts Night wondering success

    Ugh. . . Once again, my mistake is to make one who has not yet witnessed the world's life in my life, and now I feel it as if all this happened in my heart. . . . . . Really want to stop the penis. . . . . . But I can not do that

    Mentioned above, I will find ways to find out the cause of the disaster, so hard to contemplate, since the emergence of eggs, then there will be two important factors are inextricably linked, one is the temperature, one is the humidity, the first temperature, I know very well that the lizard hatching temperatures of foreign or Taiwanese king lizards are about 31-33 degrees Celsius, although some will hatch with 35 degrees. But at that time the incubation temperature was 32, which should be between the standard temperatures. I am very depressed

    So self-ruthless: the data after all the information, the reality is reality, the critical time or rely on their own, since there will be 32 degrees Egg, if the temperature is too high, then the egg is certainly due to excessive development and cause egg, then why I Try not to lower the temperature, so I dropped the temperature 2 degrees, which is 30 degrees incubation temperature.

    Now really want to self-deprecating: really spiritual! Try to verify my approach is wise, so in the next two weeks the other 15 eggs well-developed, no signs of evisceration

    At the moment I know I have to be careful about this hard-edged incubation and can not act arbitrarily.

    So every night must be observed again before peace of mind to go to life

    But the disaster is always not alone, the god of reality seems to warn me at any moment: any successful fame is by no means accidental, want to succeed? First set off this off it

    Retreat you will find nothing, insisted that you will get the best harvest

    I will remember these truths.

    It is known to me that success is close at hand, but it turns out that I was out of power two weeks before it came out. This is one of my worst things, but in the summer, the temperature will not allow eggs to hatch at low temperatures.

    But I opened the lid, once again be frightened at the scene in front of you. Because of a power failure, hatched box humidity will evaporate very quickly, resulting in eggs will appear Bie phenomenon, we can not say it overwhelmed, because at that time I was still in time to add an appropriate amount of water to the egg, so the egg And restored the vitality of reciprocation. I can not help but change again

    Next you may think that it may be time to put on the shell, but there is one thing that is that bone is not spit in the throat, may be a person to take a lot of things to try to vent here.

    Because I hatch in the south and summer, if the lizard room upstairs incubation, the temperature will be high, it will not be constant temperature, which will extremely affect the incubation of eggs, the failure is not impossible. When they were in the bedroom, they would be curious when they saw it. It would not be wise to put it in the kitchen or the yard, so they decided to move the incubator into their own room. Because my room was not sunny, summer would be relatively cool.

    The current incubation temperature problem is solved, but personal problems can be tricky. Because incubator in my room, it means air conditioning can go idle.

    So the whole summer is powered by the fan up, you know that in the south summer sunshine like a firestone, it will be very hot, with a fan can be said to be self-deception, and then use the fan at high temperatures you feel the wind will be Is it cool? Blow or blow in the same fire room, are hot air, at least ventilation may be more fluent Bale

    Closer to home: In the week before the later shell, I even hatched the temperature increased to 35 degrees, because this is not unprecedented, I have seen people hatch with this temperature, I do not know whether he is not false assertion, or gossip , But I tried 35 degrees and it turns out I was right.

    Well, it's released in time. On the night of August 26, 2012, I went to inspect with full expectation and opened the lid. It was a broken shell this time, and it was the dream scene I was dreaming of. One of the little kings lizard live up to the public nose, is absorbed in the egg yolk.

    It is an extraordinary night of excitement, and I can not even believe it is a reality, because I often get immersed in dreams.

    When your dream is no longer a dream day, I do not know whether you are excited or overwhelmed, or even as always.

    But I'm absolutely overwhelmed. Really, I do not know the clichés I've been here at this moment. The ups and downs I suffered were probably just a drop of the ocean in the eyes of some, but for me it really was I know that I may be n times more likely to bear this in the future, but I do not know how many people here will have the same sympathy or sympathy.

    If you would ask, "Pearl, why can you succeed, why I have not so luck?"

    Then I will tell you exactly what the difference between you and me is just the difference between mentality and perseverance.

    When you are in trouble, it is absolutely impossible to be too inferior. On the contrary, you should be exceptionally confident. If you think that if you shrink back now, then all the previous efforts will be put to a loss and you will return to the starting point. Such people will not do anything but only have good To face the world of mind, to be able to self-reliance.

    When you are discouraged by setbacks, you also have to insist that you have to firmly believe that perseverance means giving yourself a chance of success, what are the things you fight against setbacks, and your own ideals, so that you can make you more and more frustrated Yong. If you are only for flies camp Gou, then I will say more useless.