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  • FitFlop wants consumers to know it’s anything but a one-hit wonder.After its original Walkstar toning flip-flop became an instant hit with consumers five years ago, the U.K.-based brand evolved into a comfort-driven lifestyle line that has tripled its sales in the last four years.To meet demand in the U.S. Birkenstock Outlet — now the firm’s second-largest market behind the U.K. — FitFlop recently opened a headquarters in White Plains, N.Y., appointed a stateside president and installed a sales and support team.But rapid success has come with its own Birkenstock Mayari set of challenges, acknowledged brand founder Marcia Kilgore. “During our first three years, we were growing so fast, we just didn’t have the resources to focus on the U.S. as much as necessary,” she said.Equally daunting, added Fitflop Sandals Kilgore, was the burgeoning competition. “Certainly, we experienced an onslaught of copycat brands,” she said. “That diluted our messaging and undoubtedly made consumers cautious about the category.”To beat back the competition and change public perception, FitFlop executives Fitflops Clearance began to elevate the quality, versatility and styling of the line. The company now offers a range of year-round sneakers, http://www.mbtshoesoutletinc.com casuals and boots for women, men and children, sold in 52 countries.For spring ’12, the brand is expanding its fashion horizons even further with the debut of Trend Diffuser, a luxe women’s collection retailing from $275 to $350 (compared with the Walkstar’s $50 opening price point). The Trend Diffuser collection includes the Uno, a series ranging from sneaker-inspired ballet flats to Mbt lace-ups; and the Gladda, a sandal.“We’ve repositioned the brand to match our global strategy,” said FitFlop President Tom Terry, noting the firm has shifted away from the promotional-minded retailers it initially did business with. “We want to Cheap Birkenstocks grow our independents as well as the higher-end stores. And we want to step up the quality [of the shoes] for our stores.”Added Kilgore, “We want our distribution to be narrow, deep and have the right product Birkenstock Sandals for the right customer in the right place at the right time.”
    As the end of the year approaches, we distill the people, moments, and trends that were inescapable on Instagram, ubiquitous on the street-style circuit, and Fitflop Sale always had us coming back for more. Plus, we predict the 13 things we think everyone will be talking about in 2014.One of our favorite accessories, the clutch, made a triumphant return this week. Stars were bringing Fitflops Sandals For Women out all kinds of different versions of the small and dainty bag on the red carpet, and let’s just say, each and every one made a serious statement.Shoes took center stage as well. Bella Thorne wore some Fitflop Outlet> beautiful green heels, and Heidi Klum officially brought a controversial (yet very comfortable) shoe choice back in style.Check out the best celebrity accessories of the week!
    LAS VEGAS — With the recession in full swing, buyers from Mbt Sandals across the country attended the WSA Show in Las Vegas Feb. 12-14 with a cautious eye, with some slashing fall buying plans by more than 20 percent.“Since cash is king, you have to pay attention to how Birkenstock Shoes much money you have in the bank and how much money you have in shoes,” said Eugen Cassvan, president of Nobel Shoes in San Francisco. “I have reduced the number of styles and colors I carry, and Mbt Shoes I’m buying a narrower selection of brands. I am relying on [brands and styles] that have worked in the past.”Karen Lazarus of Sole Comfort in Newport Beach, Calif., is cutting back 15 percent on her fall order. Birkenstock Though she had a great end to 2008, Lazarus said at the NSRA Conference, held a day before WSA opened, that January proved to be tough and February has been equally difficult.“We have not decided yet exactly Mbt Outlet which vendors to go forward with. We are making a few changes, dropping some and perhaps picking up a few new ones,” she said. “But consumer confidence is way down. It’s nerve-racking.”John Holden of Philadelphia-based Benjamin Lovell Birkenstock Sale Shoes plans to cut fall inventories by about 20 percent, with Italian brands being the first to go due to high prices, said the retailer. Holden also plans to buy closer to season to combat the tough Fitflop retail environment.

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