Raymond mill is essential in the beneficiation process

  • The raymond mill grinding process is designed to make the useful components of ore in all or most monomer separation. The raymond mill grinding process and beneficiation process should avoid the 'grinding' phenomenon, which can achieve the required size for ore separation, so as to effectively create conditions for the recovery of useful components of ore. The raymond grinding mill grinding process has close relationship with ore beneficiation process (concentrate quality and recovery rate of metal). Whether the grinding effect is good or bad depends heavily on the quality of grinding products. If the grinding fineness of product is not enough, the mineral particles will not reach full monomer separation, and the sorting index will not be too high. If the over ground results in mineral slime, no matter what kind of dressing method you use, it will not have effective recovery.

    The body of raymond mill is cylindrical, which is loaded with spherical grinding body and materials; the centrifugal force and friction force generated by the rotation of the body, the material and grinding body will be taken to a certain height and falls at the same time. After continuous mutual impact and friction, the materials can be ground into fine powder. For example: lower recycling granularity strong magnetic separator for 30um with. Less than 30um is difficult to recycle the slime. The lower limit of particle size of recovery electrostatic separator is effective for 25um, less than 25um as the mud; it is difficult for the recovery. For the effective recovery of froth flotation, lower size limit for the 3-5 (10) um. As a result of grinding and produce a lot of slime i.e. less than 3-5 (10) mineral particles, it will make the flotation agent consumption increases, the flotation process lose selectivity, recovery and concentrate grade will be affected, if it is serious, it even causes the difficult implement of flotation process. In addition, the grinding products must conform to the required concentration of flotation.

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