800, 000 US dollar “tea money” is about? Known real estate lawy

  • 800, 000 US dollar “tea money” is about? Known real estate lawyer Zhang Maroon analysis, that there may be three cases of the property Emenac Packaging offers free shipping in US for wholesale playing card boxes Emenac Packaging produces cheap playing card boxes “tea money” : First, the developer directly involved, on behalf of the Emenac Packaging to charge less advanced Emenac Packaging accounts. In this case the developers obviously illegal, is a super record price, and there is suspicion of tax evasion (“tea money” will not be charged to Shoufangkuan behalf and issue official tax invoices), real estate personalized playing card boxes manufactured by Emenac Packaging custom playing card boxes by Emenac Packaging with free shipping in US can be subject to administrative penalties. Second, the developer or agency staff secretly collect and themselves. Developer or agency staff member to be charged “tea money” for the houses, forcing buyers to pay the condition, the nature of the case of active bribery, has violated the provisions of Article 163 of China’ s “Criminal Law” , suspected of non-national staff taking bribes, huge amount (with 100, 000 as a starting point), the above shall be liable to five years in prison. Third, after speculators to seize the houses, “speculation spend” profit. “Speculation Flowers” or “real estate Emenac packaging customized printing buying playing card boxes with free shipping in United States number” refers to buyers after booking house from the developer directly to the room number sold at high Emenac Packaging produces cheap playing card boxes to others, profit from. Before If the “uncompleted” made in pre-sale permit developers, are the internal identification chips developers, developers serious irregularities; such as “uncompleted” After the sale, the buyers who successfully “speculation flower” developers must meet, That lifted a previous subscription agreement, re-signed with the actual buyers. “Speculation spend” nature speculative behavior, behavior, though not in violation of national mandatory law, traditionally belong to the state property control policies to combat object. Hangman Rung lawyers said that these three cases are a serious violation of the relevant provisions of the direct damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the purchaser. In the event to get a sale permit, the missing and has been reluctant to open. Afterwards secret opening, more than 300 houses sold, and later on the spot asking price, ask for tea money, serious fraud buyers. “The buyers Alisha as monkeys, not to mention