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  • Affordable hajj umrah tours providers for 2017 For families in London with Flights, Hotels, Visa and Transportation 6.896913 trillion Pounds. And in 2013 the state-owned land use right transfer income 4.124952 trillion Pounds, accounting for local revenues (this level) as high as 59.8’. "Economic Information Daily" reporters from approaching the Ordos Bureau of Finance Department informed person, Eros land transfer up to tens of billions a few years ago, but so far this year only ten million considerable number of places are sold. At the same time, the source said: "This year is the peak of the debt, the debt Ordos scale up to around 30 billion this year, the current Eros financial liquidity is more difficult...” In this regard, "Economic Information Daily" reporters, the Ministry of Finance Branch, deputy director of the Bay Jingling, he said: "In the current land under signs hanging system, the number of land revenue, depending on the supply and demand of the market, and this supply and demand related to the overall economic development and economic growth is directly related to the situation. Now the economic growth rate down a bit, reducing land revenue in this case is normal, these are cheap London umrah Package 2017 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation auctions initially envisioned, only nine places to sell the reserve price, but Jiangxi Wail community plots were left out, no offer last unsold. May 27, Shenyang Land Exchange Center three to participate in the auction, because no one signed up for bidding, three plots of all encounter unsold. It is worth noting that, in May, the Shenyang launched a total of 18 plots, of which 10 land unsold. In addition, Changsha, Fushun has experienced no auction and the auction unsold land embarrassing situation for Fushun, this is the second time within a month unsold land appears a. It is worth noting that these cities just to land a high degree of financial dependence city. Earlier research with policy advice issued by the Ministry, "45 urban land finance the purchase of the property market dependence analysis report" shows, Hangzhou, Fushun, Nanjing, Changsha four municipal finance more than 100’ dependent on the extent of land, Fushun, reached 147.5’. Land market downturn, the local government "stress Alexander." According to Ministry of Finance data, in 2013 the annual local level income

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