the western team more value environment

  • In Darrell - Morey view, the western team more value environment, but also more eager to succeed, at the same time, the western team boss is also more willing to spend big bucks in the big contract. Also need to pay attention to is that the Rockets are currently actively engaged in negotiations with the Knicks, in order to be able to trade through the Knicks all-star forward nba 2k18 mt points - Anthony led under the command. If the deal is finalized, the Cameron - Anthony will be the next all-star player to the west of the offseason this year. "I hope this is a long-term contract, and then I can play here for 3-4 years, and 76 players as a retired." Local time on Saturday, Redick said. After a four-year contract with the, he joined Philadelphia as a freelance player. It all comes from Reddick's "believe in the". He believes that Joel - Ebid will become the core of a championship team. In addition, Redick is also willing to believe that the management of the 76 people, although the team has not played for five consecutive years in the playoffs. Now, Reddick has a chance to help the Sixers get into the playoffs. As a pure scorer, last season he averaged 28.2 minutes of time to get 15 points, of which three points hit rate as high as 42.9%. Beijing time on July 13, according to clutchpoints, cheap nba 2k mt Raptors player Patrick - Patterson decided to 3 years 16.4 million to join Oklahoma City Thunder. Over the past three years Patterson in the Raptors most of the time are bench, in view of the small Sabonis and Thai - Gibson have left the team, is expected next season Patterson in the Thunder hit the starting power forward.