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  • for career field goals made (96) and points NFL Coins scored (494). The teams evaluated those players—along with Harrison Butker of Georgia Tech—the best they could. They looked for some of the same things that John Carney, a 23-year NFL veteran, uses to evaluate prospects at the kicking academy

    he named after himself. He watches their warmup, looking for calculated routines and intensity. He examines the flight of their kicks to gauge consistency. Are the heights different? The trajectories? NFL 2017 NFL draft rankings: Top prospects by position The automatic kickers tend to resemble the smoothest golfers in that their moneymaking motions are fluid, devoid of unnecessary movement, repeatable and compact. The less jerky

    the motion, the less elongated—think hitting a nine-iron compared to driver—the easier their kicks are to control. “I always tell clients, in the NFL consistency is king,” Carney says. He watches to see if kickers follow through the same way after each attempt, if they keep their heads down, if they have any quirks—and how they explain them. He watches how they respond to misses, even in practice. He pays particular attention to their game film

    from pressure situations—how they kicked at the end of halves or games, how they performed in important contests, how they reacted to shanked kicks and, most importantly, how they performed immediately after them. “There’s a lot to it,” Carney says. “But there’s so much more they don’t look at. Some scouts and coaches  Buy NFL Coins just look at the results on that day. He made eight out of 10 field goals. I like him! “That’s one of the issues.”