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  • "She appears at the Yule Ball and she’s in pink. People look at her as being a girl, and a very pretty one, which was not established before,” Temime told Cosmo. “It was  longgown dress  a lovely dress. It was quite difficult to design because...I didn’t want her to look like she borrowed a dress from her mom or her sister or whatever. It was her sweet sixteen dress, and she loved it."

    Another memorable outfit in the fourth film  christmas costume  was the cool blue uniform worn by students from the visiting French school, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

    Temime explained her own upbringing in France inspired the uniforms because in England most schools have one uniform, but her school in France had a different uniform for different  corset skirts sets occasions.

    "In the French high school where I was, we had a different uniform for everything. We had a little hat with a cape when we were walking around, we had a little apron for the   underbust corset  cooking lesson. We were changing all the time,” the costume designer said.

    “You read it in the book that when they arrive something is moving, so I wanted to dress them in silk. Philip Treacy made the hat. I brought him the sketch and he said, 'Well, I’m going to make it.' He made it brilliantly.”