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  • This spring dress, sweet to the breathtaking colors, more than a deep pink, rose red light than a bright, but can not play, background color can also show wonderful personality and lively, very suit underwear  pleasant love!

    Very loose, casual spring long sleeved dress, no self-cultivation cut neatly, there is no curve of exquisite beauty, but it can only give people a big feeling. The color may not need a chic, elegant simplicity can also express elegant, irregular hem stitching with circular gauze, add to the bearing  babydoll chemise  length.

    All along, our cheongsam requirements are so many, both hope to control its retro sense of age, and hope it and fashion distance is not too far. The cheongsam appearance is to satisfy the demanding requirements of a large elegant skirt gauze stitching, printing ink is love.

    Spring dress skirt can cover up a lot of things, the  infant animal costume  collapse of the elephant leg with wide hips buttocks skirt a Tibet is not a problem, a convenient skirt can fix a lot of things. Gauze and embroidery with exquisite sense of affinity, gentle color like a hazy but very clear.