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  • Kallang New Launch project in the making Tobie Sear
    Submitted 2014-06-01 01:06:06 The Singapore government is presently in the aim of creating and having more and more new condominium commencements here in Singapore to fulfill the high requests of the ever growing community in this homeland. There has been various new condo creations in Singapore that has fascinated many owners in recent years.

    Over with our company Dale Murphy Braves Jersey , we have controlled to present the several new apartment launches as well as anchoring of many other Singapore units for transaction. Not only do we present the transaction of flats for lodging, we too, present commercial property for transaction that may interest business working people that are finding for potential space for their firm.

    Comparably, New Launch Singapore is now starting on a new Kallang new condo project labeled Kallang Riverside. As the name says, the condo's name will be Kallang Riverside and it will visibly be situated by the Kallang river side. It is the latest stimulating add to the Kallang district. Located at the corner of the city and a 5 minutes drive away from the Central Business District (CBD) Chipper Jones Braves Jersey , it is providing 400 new apartments, 3000 hotel rooms and 400,000 sqm of office, marketplace and business conveniences. All these will be sweep throughout 2 separate precincts on either side of the Kallang River which is a residential enclave and a mixed-use cluster.

    A new residential enclave will be added around the Green, a linear park that extents between Lavender MRT and Kallang River. WIth lots of new recreational spaces Bud Norris Braves Jersey , residents are now just minutes away from the open-air with dining choices at alfresco establishments or jogging around a scenic route along the beach that links all the way to Gardens by the Bay and the new Sports Hub! You could also join in the Kallang new launch by spending a getaway weekend at the hotels around the banks of Kallang River to experience the beach front activities or to just marvel in the dazzling fireworks during the month of August when it is Singapore's birthday!

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