How to match the brown floor

  • How to match the brown floor

    Brown floor looking comfortable and clean, dirty, durable, savory taste very flavor, clear texture of the natural atmosphere of the atmosphere. In the warm sun under the home, peaceful, warm, balcony filled with rustic rustic, breath filled with local flavor, home design simple fashion sense of natural space.install the antenna in outdoor plastic fence

    Dark brown wood flooring for space more spacious and bright room, the best area in more than 100 square meters. Area is too small, will make the space look alienated, there is a sense of distance between the family, the whole room seems empty lonely. Dark brown wood flooring and then with dark colors of the curtains and sofas, then the room is very monotonous, the overall environment is too depressed. So should be with some light-colored furniture and creative small home, lively whole room a wooden surround lazy spa

    Most young people will choose light wood flooring, look lively sunshine. And dark brown for them is difficult to control, it is not true. Dark brown wood flooring in this highly European style design is the highlight. European-style arched door with round brown wooden table, white leather dining chair, arched white cabinet, European crystal chandelier, plus a dark brown wooden floor, look luxurious atmosphere.foam building panel manufacturer