Balcony floor wood flooring requirements

  • Balcony floor wood flooring requirements

    Now we are more and more attention to the decoration of the balcony, do not underestimate the balcony, is also a good design, planning about the place. We all know that there are many types of flooring, balconies are generally posted tiles will be more, then the balcony shop wood flooring is feasible, will not have any inconvenience, I believe we all want to know this problem.Eco Outdoor Composite Decking Materials

    Open balcony Needless to say, is exposed, open balcony in the old house is more common, the old house generally will not seal the balcony, all kinds of cauliflower on the balcony, pickled vegetables, is such a use. For such an old house balcony, do not recommend shop wood flooring. The reason is obvious ah, the wood floor can not be a long time exposure, or easy to crack, deformation, followed by water can not be, so open balcony these conditions are not satisfied, of course, the best not shop.Faux Teak Outdoor Flooring Manufacturer

    There are many small units will be transformed into other functional areas of the balcony, study, gym, recreation area or even bedroom, so in this case, the balcony will lay the wooden floor. Balcony curtains choose shading, the first is to avoid the balcony wood floor was exposed to discoloration, the second if the closed balcony as it used, then the privacy is betterThe Cheapest Way To Cover Patio Floor

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