Healthy choice of formaldehyde-free flooring

  • Healthy choice of formaldehyde-free flooring

    WPC wood-plastic composite material was born in 2005 in Cologne, Germany, in 2011 WPC wood-plastic flooring gradually swept Europe and the United States. WPC wood flooring by the combination of wood fiber and polymer nano-materials made of hot, from the beginning to the end of the plastic manufacturing completely bid farewell to formaldehyde problems; and, in the scarcity of forest resources today, WPC wood flooring to a certain extent, the protection of the forest Resources, but also from the source into the concept of environmental protection, to create green home.white composite picket fencing

    WPC floor wear coefficient greater than 10000 turn; waterproof, moisture, acid and alkali corrosion, easy to deal with a variety of pavement environment; effective absorption footsteps, to create a quiet life, wear non-slip surface, comprehensive protection of family install hand rail for exterior steps

    Simultaneous real wood grain, the use of grain synchronization positioning and pressure technology, so that the floor surface depression ups and downs and changes in color with the natural texture of wood changes consistent from the perception to strengthen the enhanced floor color blossom, texture machinery, bumps are not natural shortcomings, Showing a solid wood sensory. Angle-Tap locking system, short side of the Swedish Valinge lock, to achieve locking, without leaving room. Coupled with the long side of the Unilin lock, effectively enhance the bonding between the floor, splicing seamless, reduce noise, so that the floor has a stronger stability.white beaded vinyl pvc plank veranda

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