Philadelphia's offense was NFL 18 Coins

  • Philadelphia's offense was the worst in the NFL 18 Coins league last year (it's even worse this year), but that was a function of a lack of talent to run the system. Turning over the keys of that system to a big-time prospect at point guard could've resulted in a more efficient group.Russell's talents have been stymied by whatever Scott is running in Los Angeles.


    Playing in a faster-paced offense with more opportunities to run pick-and-rolls, freelance and use his natural gifts as a playmaker would've allowed the young point guard to flourish faster.This doesn't mean everything would've been hunky-dory if Russell wound up in Philadelphia. There's only so much a 19-year-old kid can do on a team that's littered with fringe NBA players. Russell is not a transcendent player who can turn around the fortunes of a team in an instant.Like Okafor is now, Russell would've received plenty of focus from opposing defenses as one of the top weapons in Philadelphia.


    He very well may have navigated the obstacles better there than he has in Angeles, but he would've still taken some lumps.Russell also has a long ways to go defensively, and that wouldn't change no matter where he ended up. Having a budding defensive star in Noel behind him would help clean up some mistakes, but there's only so much a rim protector can do if the perimeter defense is porous.* * *It's still far too early to make any concrete judgments on these players just a month into their NBA careers. Adjustments and improvements will be made as they get more comfortable in the league.That being said


    Russell would've likely been a better fit in Philadelphia than he is Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins in Los Angeles. The offense would've been catered to him, giving him more freedom than he has now. Perhaps things will change in Los Angeles once Bryant moves on and when a new coach is brought in, but Russell will have to make do for now in Scott's system.You can visit to our website