The Spurs aren't the madden mobile coins

  • The Spurs aren't the only team to employ a conservative  madden mobile coins scheme, but they understand its purpose better than opponents. The Spurs know that the less they have to help each other, the better chance their opponent slams into brick walls. That's why opposing guards must deal with a dogged perimeter defender on their hip, a towering big man blocking their path to the basket and three other defenders covering all other passing options. Opponents therefore can't drive and collapse the defense, and their screener also can't roll and collapse the defense. A mid-range jumper really is the only option.


    The difference comes with the personnel, who have allowed Popovich to turn this system of principles into an especially terrifying collective that pulls opponents into danger zones like a tractor beam. Aldridge has been a beautiful fit, combining with Duncan to form a twin tower of rim protection. Opponents shoot just 43.5 percent with Duncan protecting the hoop and 47.3 percent when it's Aldridge, per tracking data. Aldridge can struggle at times defending in space, but he's nimble in tight quarters and that's enough for the Spurs. Not many big men can capably drop on a pick-and-roll, then rotate back to stop the rolling big man's free run to the rim.


    He can also stonewall most perimeter players when he has to switch, particularly when the shot clock is running down. This is another skill that waned in Portland, but has been revitalized in San Antonio. When the Spurs face a tricky speed matchup, they can slide Aldridge to center and put Diaw in to check the quicker man.


    There were concerns that Aldridge's rim protection wouldn't be sufficient in such a scenario because it came and went in Portland, but that hasn't been a problem this year. It also helps that Diaw can get Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins the job done and Duncan is significantly more than fine as an alternative to Aldridge if he's struggling.Leonard, of course, unlocks so many more tactical options. He's the platonic ideal of a great wing stopper, capable of blanketing his matchup like a shutdown corner in the NFL. There's a reason he became the first perimeter player to win Defensive Player of the Year since Metta World Peace in