But we did not hit the target, and we were really good at halft

  • Brothers are competing! Bogba: This feeling a bit magical


    In the first round of the European Cup knockout contest, Manchester United rely on Ibrahimovic hat tricks 3-0 victory over St. Etienne, in addition to the Swedish god front, the  cheap **** 17 coins game is another big point is the Borga brothers for their Lord, the same field competition. Paul - Berger's brother Florentine - Bogba for St. Etienne effectiveness, the Secretary of the defender.


    After the game, in an interview with Manchester United official radio, Bogba said, "This is a bit magical, when I see him still can  buy **** 17 coins  not believe this scene, we both laughed, and then each other to enjoy this moment "Because it does not happen every day."


    "The results of the game are ideal, we want to win the   **** 17 ps4 coins  game, to get the goal, we did it, for the second round will become more simple, but the game is not over."


    For Paul - Bogba's brother Florentine - Bogba, tonight, somewhat frustrating, the first 79 minutes of the  fut 17 coins game, Florentine was replaced by injury.


    After the game, Florentine Bogba said, "We lost three goals in the game, which makes the next game becomes very difficult for the first  **** 17 xbox one coins half, we have some regret, we have the opportunity to shoot, But we did not hit the target, and we were really good at halftime, but we needed to turn our strengths into wins.


    "Manchester United is a fruitful - it's a great team logo, and there are 90 minutes for the game, and we have to keep faith in the second round, even if we know it's going to  buy **** 17 coins  be tough."