How to Write a Successful Essay

  • tells us how to write a successful essay.Introduction: The first paragraph has to explain why this story deserves to be said. It must also include enough information to allow the reader to understand the rest of the article. If possible, try inserting a "hook" in the first sentence so that readers are interested in moving the story forward. Helpful questions: who, what, where / when?


    Contents: The following two or three paragraphs, which form the contents, include the context of the story, important quotes and statistics or facts illustrating your point of view. Helpful questions: where / when, how, why?


    Conclusion: It is the last opportunity to resume the subject of the story. Use this time to link the various elements already mentioned (quotes, statistics, etc.) or to present ideas for the future. Help the reader to draw his own conclusions, do not tell him what to think!


    Practical tips:


    • Use quotations, examples and concrete data to illustrate your point of view.


    • Concentrate on what you want to present. Use relevant information and try to be conceited and consistent. If you have additional information or are not directly related to the topic, you can enter them at the end.


    • You can start writing directly, or you can make a small sketch. However, it is important not to exceed 200 words and follow a logical thread in the story you are saying.