The importance of chess

  • The majority of people are not aware hoe beneficial can chess be for their children. Unfortunately, many of them are also not aware of the fact that the chess players are more intelligent that other people. Why is this so? Well, although the chess is sometimes considered as a game, it is actually much more than that. It is a sports discipline, but unlike other disciplines, it doesn’t focus on muscles, but on the brain. The fact that the most of the people think of it as a game is a big plus because children are more likely to practice something that they find interesting. So, not only that a child will have a great time, but it will also develop its cognitive abilities, such as general IQ, logical thinking, memory, language, problem solving skills, etc… In order to find out what are other benefits of chess, one can visit this website Besides this, here one can find serious scientific results that are speaking in favor of mentioned benefits.


    All in all, the chess is a very demanding but also very interesting game, and that is its most important strength. In can be very beneficial for the cognitive development of children, so parents should definitely consider it to be their main hobby.