Polyester Thread is acrimonious by calefaction medium

  • Polyester Thread has acceptable thermal adherence but is acute to impurities. Authentic PET at 250-300 ℃ began to degrade, but at 350 ℃ aloft the accessible absolution of airy products. The abasement activity involves the breach of the ester moiety, the accession of carboxylic acerbic and vinyl ester end groups, which can be esterified with hydroxyethyl ester end groups in polyester PET to absolution acetaldehyde, which is the a lot of important Airy products. 

    There are two accepted types of components: one is just axial the top 24 h leakage, the cook from the accession access at the entrance, because the arising is about larger, the cook was white slurry from the alien bank of the components;

    CO can aswell be empiric at college temperatures CO2, CH4, C 2H2, C2H4 and benzene and added airy products, so the absolute acknowledgment is added complex. Cook supply line, with gas actualization calefaction medium.

    The gas-phase calefaction average directs the hot average breath from the de-superheater to the cook supply band jacket, which is entered from the everyman point of anniversary section. usually. According to the altered varieties of spinning production, the cook breeze amount of the cook supply activity is 280 ℃ -290 ℃

    The spinning box and the spinning assemblage are acrimonious by the gas actualization calefaction medium. The heating altitude are agnate to those of the cook supply piping. The accepted operating temperature ambit for the spinning box is 275-285 ° C. The cook is from the polyester accomplishment to the forerunner afore it is formed. Are cloistral by the calefaction medium.

    If the thermal insulation temperature is too high. Cook carriage abode time is longer, the cook macromolecule abasement is about serious. Afterwards the metering pump pressurized extrusion, the absorption apparatus to anatomy the aboriginal traction, the aboriginal wire is defective. Simple to break, aftermath hair. Polyester Thread - http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/