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  • Right now, Fun.com is license heavy, based on pop culture products, mostly wholesale christmas costumes costumes. The biggest sellers are Star Wars and superheroes.

    If the capsule is opening Net-a-Porter up to a new audience, it’s doing the same for Draper James. The collection is the brand’s first foray into wholesale. Witherspoon noted that the label will be launching with Nordstrom next and also has two of its own new stores coming, in Atlanta and Kentucky, bringing its retail network to four stores.
    That said, fame isn’t the only factor here. “There are a lot of celebrities with their own collections, but ultimately it’s whether the product stands for itself,” said Aiken. “Customers are savvy and aware. They may be influenced by the celebrity, but if the product isn’t good, they are not going to buy it.”

    ZHEJIANG, East China — Manic beats pump through the cluttered wholesale fashion dresses  boutique as Wu Anning, a 22-year-old showroom model, stands on a makeshift stage comprised of two wooden crates. Her job is more about speed than glamour: In one day, she will model close to 300 outfits.
    “On my busiest day, I tried on 500 dresses and felt so exhausted and dazed I could barely stand up,” Wu says. She kept modeling for more than 10 hours, and her voice grew hoarse from shouting for sales.
    Though showroom models can earn decent wages, the profession wholesale halloween costumes  has a high turnover rate. Wu and Zhao say that some models end up marrying boutique owners, while others only last a few weeks before they leave.