What is Nitrogen generator consisting of

  • Oxygen and Nitrogen Generation System. Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA gas generators with long-term experience.

        It is a Plug and Play Nitrogen generator consisting of:
            - Oil Free Air compressor and Air filtration system
            - Air separator to produce nitrogen by molecular sieves
            - Basic or multi-channel mixer that connected with CO2 cylinder can supply five different gases (pure N2, pure CO2 , and three different desired mixes CO2 + N2)
        It is based on the PSA principle (Pressure Swing Absorption), with “Fast Purity” CLAIND patent which is the most efficient and robust system nowadays, completely automatic.

        The standard version can supply 3,5 Nl/min nitrogen at the pressure of 7 bar(g) (only one working day to produce the nitrogen contained into a cylinder)
        Nitrogen Purity better than the food grade E941 (EU rule for food packaging), but higher pressure and purity are available.
        The generated nitrogen is stored in an external tank (normally 50 or 100 litres), which is connected directly to the generator by a flexible polyethylene pipe.
        It incorporates an “intelligent” checking controller, which produces nitrogen only when necessary. The PSA Nitrogen Generators is automatically switched off when there is no nitrogen consumption.