Why choosing a Nitrogen Gas Generator

  • When choosing a Nitrogen Gas Generator, you should ask the supplier for some basic information, to ensure the recommended generator the best choice for you.

    1. What is your current nitrogen source? Do you use a high pressure cylinder? Liquid Dewar or liquid nitrogen in bulk? By choosing the nitrogen generator, you chose a Dewar without the nitrogen cylinder and nitrogen. The nitrogen generator will also eliminate large amounts of liquid nitrogen.

    2. High or low utilization? How many high-pressure cylinders do you have? Liquid dewar for your business use in a week or bulk liquid nitrogen? From there, you should break it down to determine the amount used in an hour. The nitrogen generator is rated at scfh. If you are still unsure how to determine this number - your vendor will be able to help you obtain this information.

    3. How much oxygen can your process tolerate?. The more oxygen you can tolerate, the lower the cost of the generator. A good explanation for the purity is, "What kind of gas do you put in your car?" Most cars require only regular grades of gas, so why spend extra money to fill in super grades?.

    4. What is the actual pressure of nitrogen? Rated power high-pressure nitrogen cylinder is 2200 pounds per square inch, but most companies will adjust to less than 100 pounds per square inch.

    5. Do you have compressed air in your facilities? If so, you will need to know the compressed air pressure in your facility so that we can determine which nitrogen generator is best for your use and the appropriate size of the equipment. Does the system have an air dryer? If so, what type of air dryer does the system use: cold storage or desiccant?

    6. Where do you want to install the generator? Will it be installed indoors? If not, what environmental conditions will your generator be exposed to? Will the equipment be covered with rain or snow? If the generator can be installed indoors, what is the minimum and maximum temperature of the plant where the equipment is installed?  PSA Nitrogen Generators - http://www.chinanitrogengenerator.com/product/nitrogen-generators/psa-nitrogen-generators/