Stainless steel surface processing type

  • At present, China's stainless steel consumption structure, for construction or decoration and other public works has reached the proportion of more than 30%, and still maintain a rapid growth trend. Stainless steel fasteners in the construction (structure) in the application of special materials, Stainless steel strip


    it has excellent process performance can make complex complex parts through the precision casting method to complete, and forging, rolling, pulling, pulling all kinds of profiles and stainless steel With the corrosion resistance, weldability, machinability and so can meet the construction or decoration and other public engineering design and processing requirements, shows the stainless steel fasteners in different structures in the application of the unique material charm.chapas de acero inoxidable medidas


    In order to better regulate the selection of stainless steel, processing, inspection and related stainless steel fasteners (product) standards of the corresponding requirements, the correct selection of materials and product quality control is a scientific guide. How to scientifically apply materials, such as rational selection of different types of stainless steel and its products, performance evaluation, quality control and standard implementation, should be the common common technology of fastener enterprises in production conditions.Высокая твердость 0.5mm 60mm шарик из нержавеющей стали


    Fasteners stainless steel products involved in the plate, pipe, wire rod, round bar, as well as the use of casting production of various connector parts, in line with China's actual control of stainless steel unified general technical standards. On the basis of drawing on the relevant standards, application guidelines, norms and mature technologies and experiences of foreign advanced countries, China's stainless steel industry has made great technological progress. The following table describes the types of stainless steel surface finishing Promote China's stainless steel technology and development<Bright Polish Centreless Ground H9 303 Stainless Steel Bar